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UPWalker Reviews: Things To Consider Before Buying For Indoor And Outdoor Use

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Last Updated: February 10, 2024

If there's a device that can literally bring progress and happiness into a physically impaired person's life, it's a good rollator walker.

The UPWalker claims to make this a reality with its innovative features.


Things could also go south pretty fast when you get the wrong fit or a plain lousy walker.

There's a thin line between these two conflicting rewards. It's hard to tell a rollator walker is the perfect fit from a media hype - you need firsthand, unsoiled, or a detailed review before making the crucial decision to swipe your card.

Soon enough, you’ll know if the UPWalker is worth its cost.

The Folks Behind UPWalker – LifeWalker Upright

LifeWalker is a mobility company dedicated to eliminating falling, slouching, fear, and other risks associated with traditional walkers. 

They invented the innovative UPWalker to assist impaired folks who find it hard to walk upright or with their normal gait.

The company takes pride in its achievements over similar or imitation upright walkers.

If you ask me, they should.

The UPWalker, for instance, supports an almost limitless user height range, is fully assembled, and extra-sturdy.

They go as far as creating a Lite version for persons who need to maneuver tighter spaces or prefer a less heavy walker. And it offers the same remarkable UPWalker features as the original version.

Finally, LifeWalker offers installment payment plans for folks who can't pay all at once. No one's left out with these guys. 😉

Introducing The Upwalker Upright Walker

UPWalkerThe UPWalker is a mainstream rollator walker that claims to improve posture, strengthen user confidence, and reduce joint pain in joints while walking.

That's right.

You won't have to hunch into a walker and look weary and old. Or worse still, worsen your condition with back, hand, and wrist pains.

The best part is this rollator walker fits almost every user regardless of size. You'll find a unit that fits you perfectly if you're 6"4 and 300 pounds or only 5ft tall.

The UPWalker offers way more ergonomic features to improve ambulation.

Exceptional Features:

  • A sit-to-stand handle assists in you getting up from the seat
  • Built like a truck for durability and safety
  • Premium comfort with padded armrests
  • Armrests adjust to a desired height and position
  • Folds easily into a car trunk. 
  • Adjusts to fit different butt sizes with its slidable seat 
  • Seat is out of leg's reach, so not a hindrance 
  • Free handy accessories - beverage holder, easily accessible carry-on bag, and a backrest

Uncensored Review of UPWalker Features


  • Standard footprint: 33.5" X 37" X 10.5"
  • Large footprint: 36" X 40" X 10.5" inches
  • Wheel size: 8 inches 

Fully-Assembled Ambulation Machine

UPWalker comes fully assembled, and it's not hard to see why. No reasonable designer would expect an elderly or impaired person to assemble a 25-pound aluminum steel machine by themselves.

Also, its parts are numerous and would take some time to couple together, even if you had an experienced helping hand.

You can tell they did a professional job of assembling it too. The brake cables are tucked away to prevent tangling or entangling objects while walking. And no customer has complained of missing parts on delivery.


Built To Last

The UPWalker has been touted as the most sturdy walker on the market, and rightfully so.

Its imposing frame weighs a hefty 23 pounds (for the Standard Size) or 25.5 pounds (Large). But how else would it support an upright weight of up to 300 pounds? All while transferring load on itself, so you don't exert too much force on pushing.

To be clear, this is how the UPWalker successfully eases stress and joint pains.

The only gripe with this is that it can be a chore to transport, especially if you need substantial support to lift objects.

Other than that, its size shouldn't be a bother, but a blessing in disguise. Eradicating chances of sustaining a fall. 

No Hard Selling

LifeWalker Upright, unlike many health companies, doesn't promise the stars and the moon.

The UPWalker is clearly stated as not for everyone. And to be sure where you stand, they offer a simple 3-step questionnaire for screening.

The company boldly tell users this walker is not the right option if: 

  • You live in a small home or apartment 
  • You aren't confident using your current walker or can't walk unaided
  • Your doorways or height & weight don't meet its specifications

Stores More Than A Handful

Black walker bag

You can carry just as many supplies as you need while going for a walk.

The polyester bag in front of the walker is large enough to fit a cat or small dog. It would have no problem holding medical supplies or other small items you might need on the go.

The UPWalker is also fitted with a beverage holder my grandma would love to hold her green tea in if she's going for her evening walk. The cup holder is positioned conveniently near the handle of the walker. 

All-Terrain Tires 

Built specially for outdoor use, you can trust its four wheels won't wear out anytime soon.

A particular long-time user explained how she went as much as six hundred miles in her walker before its tires showed signs of wear.

Although not everyone might plan to walk that far, LifeWalker sells replacement tires for thirty-five bucks. That saves you from using a "walking hazard" or banishing an expensive rollator because of worn-out tires.

Ease Of Adjustment 

The device has a flexible range of adjustment settings on the armrests and handholds. Anyone can modify these parts of the walker to fit their body structure.

The best part is you can adjust the armrests independently to bridge any inconsistency between your hands. You can increase or shorten it to your height and adjust backward or forward to cradle it into your forearms.

With the "height memory stop" feature, you only have to make adjustments once. A witty feature since seniors won't want to fiddle with the setting on every use. Or anyone really.

Supports Comfortable Seating

black walker

If you feel like catching your breath in the middle of a long walk, UPWalker has you covered.

It has a sliding sit made of durable mesh material. All you have to do is slide it forward when you're ready to sit and backward while walking.

The sliding feature doesn't allow the seat to hinder your gait. Although it's not such a big deal, it's helpful. 

Reliable Brake System

The handbrakes are not only reliable but are well installed into the frame of the walker.

The brakes control the walker's speed in motion and park it in place if you want to sit on its chair or elsewhere.

Customization Is An Option

Who says rollator walkers can't be personalized to taste? LifeWalker makes this an affordable reality - costs can become exponential as a whole, though.

You can fix accessories such as a larger shopping bag, flashlight, or cane/umbrella holder to make your walker up to your taste. Or replace the free ones that come with the walker if they get damaged. 

UPWalker Price 

At almost $700 for a unit, most seniors with disabilities or on SSDI would have to pay through the nose to get one.

Fortunately, you can buy an UPWalker in installments over twelve (12), eighteen (18) months - NO interests or paperwork needed. 

UPWalker Upright Walker As Seen On TV

The advertisement for this stand up walker as seen on TV, could not be more true. You can expect to enjoy the features as they've advertised.

Of course, experiences would vary, and not everyone would beaming with smiles when they use their new walker.


  • Perfect for outdoor use 
  • Aids walking upright, proper posture, and gait 
  • Padded armrests and handholds for comfort
  • Proven to reduce energy exerted on operation
  • Fits a wide variety of users: short, large, or tall
  • Reliable brake system


  • Weighs over 25 pounds - this can be too heavy for a handful of users
  • Expensive
  • Too large for indoor use in the majority of apartments and homes

Impressively, these claims are scientifically-backed by a clinical trial with the UPWalker against conventional walkers.

UPWalker Alternatives

1. UPWalker Lite

The UPWalker Lite is a less bulky alternative to the standard or large UPWalker. It's up to ten pounds lighter than the original version and less expensive.

Other than a non-slidable seat, it has almost the same features as the original UPWalker.

If you are impressed by the UPWalker's ability to improve your walking posture or support you safely, but can't use it in your apartment, go for the UPWalker Lite version.

At the end of the day, they are both expensive purchases out-of-pocket.

2. Elenker Euro Style

The Elenker Euro Style is another fantastic upright walker for seniors. But this time, lightweight and budget-friendly.

It's not precisely featherweight either. However, most seniors who need to walk more often would have no problem using it. For a thought, it weighs 18.5 pounds.

What truly sets it apart from all versions of UPWalker is it's inexpensive. The Elenker Euro Style walker costs less than half the price of a standard UPWalker.

UPWalker Reviews Frequently Asked Questions

What Accessories Will My UPWalker Come With? 

The UPWalker comes with three free accessories: a backrest, a sizeable carry-on bag, and a cup holder. 

Does The UPWalker Come With Reverse Brakes?

No, all UPWalker versions use standard brake systems for speed control and parking. 

Is The UPWalker Designed for User Comfort? 

If you're just starting to learn how to use a walker and its features, it is great to know that the UPWalker is ingeniously designed with adjustability features to aid proper posture, gait, reduce joint pains associated with using a walker.

Also, its armrests and handholds are cushioned with soft materials that don't chafe.

Does The UPWalker Come With Safety Reflectors to be Spotted Easily in The Night?

Affirmative. Safety reflectors are installed at strategic points, and you can order a flashlight add-on to illuminate your footpath at night. 

Wrapping Up 

It goes without saying that if you're on the lookout for a highly sturdy and functional walker, you can't go wrong with the UPWalker.

After so many years on the market, it remains the best upright walker to recover or build ambulation. It's close to universal-sized, comfortable, and aids standing and walking upright posture and gait.

However, the UPWalker isn't for everyone. If you live in a small house or apartment or want an affordable walker, you'd be better off looking elsewhere - the Elenker Euro Style is worth taking a look at.

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