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Does Medicare Pay For Walkers (Everything You Need To Know Before Seeking Assistance)

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Last Updated: April 11, 2024

Walkers are convenient and dependable movement aids for people requiring additional assistance.


Like most other mobility supporters, walkers too, are highly-priced.

Medicare can help you out here by paying for the strollers and rollators.

Medicare and Medicaid are nationalized programs in the USA that deliver facilities to handicap, seniors, and people with lower earnings.

Read on to find out if you can avail of the benefits of Medicare, and you’ll also find out does Medicaid cover walkers.

Does Medicare Cover Walkers? When & How

Medicare will assist you in buying a walker because they consider walkers and rollators as DME (Durable Medical Equipment). Given that you fulfill their suitability standards, they will aid you in the procurement of a walker.

Medicare and Medicaid both have preset distinctive policies and conditions while paying for a walker.

Does Medicaid cover walkers, and the same for Medicare?

Let’s find out.


Will only take responsibility for 80% of the original price of a walker, while you are in charge of the outstanding. But you will be unable to decide the type and features of the walker you get.


It has a diverse set of rules in this regard. The program rules are based on your location and registered plan.

For Medicare to cover a walker for you, you must meet their suitability standards and completely abide by their rules.

Some of these rules/standards are as follows:

  1. Walkers should be reflected medically essential by a healthcare worker.
  2. Tools required for analyzing or caring for a disease or an injury, are considered medically essential by Medicare, and walkers usually fall within this category.
  3. The walker should be prescribed by a medical specialist.
  4. It must be cost-effective; Medicare will only compensate for simple and basic walkers.
  5. The company will not just conclude the necessity of a walker but also will presume whether you want a highly modified stroller or a simple one will work.
  6. The doctor must prescribe and the dealer must arrange the walker approved by Medicare.

Hopefully, this answers: “does Medicare cover walkers?”

And if you’re wondering, “are walkers covered by Medicaid,” then the answer would be similar but just a little more complex because of their terms and conditions, but to cut it short: yes.

Frequency Of Walker Coverage

Man helping a woman walk with a walker

So, how often will Medicare pay for a walker?

Medicare will reimburse you for buying or renting your walker.

Plus, it will replace it in case if your previous one got misplaced, robbed, or broken beyond repairs. Medicare will also manage for the repairs of your walker if it is worn out due to frequent usage.

The lifespan of a DME product is estimated by Medicare to be 5 years.

Hence, they usually arrange for Medicare-approved walkers once every 5 years.

The substitution criterion of a walker demands for it to be beyond maintenances. Otherwise, only the payment for repairs will be provided. Once recommended by a health provider, repairs are possible but only Medicare-approved dealers are allowed to do so.

Cost Of A Medicare Covered Walker

Medicare will be accountable for most of your walker expenses.

Yet, you still may have to bear a part of the cost of walkers.

Usually, Medicare will take care of 80% of the original price, while you only have to handle the remaining 20%.

So to answer “does Medicare pay for a walker,” the answer would be: for the most part., yes.

And yes, the Medicare walker reimbursement is also a thing for damaged ones.

Coverage For Special Walker Types

Medicare can arrange for UP walkers and wheeled ones, just as it does with standard models.

UP walkers are designed to support your torso.

It also allows the operator to sustain an appropriate pose. This type is more durable and sturdy, permitting the user to move freely by using it daily. UPWalker reviews proved that this type provides relaxation and can be improved in many ways.

So, is the UPWalker covered by Medicare?

UP walker is retailed as a cash pay item, so confirm with your providers to validate your authorization for reimbursement.

Medicare doesn't cover a walker whose dealers are not registered with them.

And does the same apply to rollators, are rollator walkers covered by Medicare?

A walker with an additional seat also associates with a similar format as other walkers and will be accounted for by Medicare.

The same standards will apply as noted above.

old woman using a walker

FAQ Section

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers in regard:

How often are walkers covered by Medicare?

Medicare will reimburse for buying or replacing a walker. They will replace it if it has been misplaced, robbed, or broken. 

Moreover, they will manage the repairs and maintenance service of a walker if it has been tattered due to frequent usage.

If you fulfill their suitability requests, they will buy you a walker once after almost 5 years.

How do I get Medicare or Medicaid to pay for a walker?

If you want to apply for Medicare, you require some official papers and important information while filling the application form.

Subsequently, you must seek approval from a medical specialist for a walker.

Once that’s done, the rest will be arranged by Medicare or Medicaid.

Does Medicare pay for upright walkers?

Upright walkers follow the same criteria as the other walkers and best rollators.

Medicare will cover Upright walkers if they are rendering to the above-discussed qualification standards. Most importantly, the recommending doctors and the trader providing an upright walker for elderly should be registered with Medicare.

What walkers will Medicare pay for?

Medicare Part B promises some charges of medically essential and Medicare-approved walkers. If the strollers are vital to cure any ailment or injury and are strictly recommended by associated doctors, Medicare will arrange for a walker or permit repairs of an existing one.

And if you’re wondering “does Medicare cover rollators,” then the answer is again yes.

The same is also true for “does Medicare pay for walkers with seats?”

How do I order a walker through Medicare?

The Medicare website is accessible to all and provides ample information about the application process, you can also easily contact them anytime.

After filing an application form and filling in important details, you’ll be able to order a walker.


Walkers have become an essential need for people with balance and stability issues, yet they have fairly high prices. If you don’t want to spend on costly walkers and rollators, Medicare and Medicaid are the perfect programs to seek assistance with procurement.

Like many other medical support programs, they also account for nearly all types of walkers. They will not only allow you to buy new ones but also arrange for the repairs of ragged walkers as well.

Carefully read their suitability standards before you turn to their help and save yourself from additional expenditures.

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