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Does Medicare Cover Mobility Scooters & Other Services Seniors Can Avail For Mobility Aid

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Last Updated: June 13, 2024

Losing mobility, whether short-term or long-term, may make you feel incomplete.

The only way out is getting a mobility device.


Medicare is one of the first plans you'll think about when in need of such aids. It’s a federal program, which means you can get it anywhere in the US.

Does Medicare cover scooters? Yes, it does, but there are a few essentials before you qualify for this plan. Read on, and we'll tell you what you need.

Does Medicare Cover Mobility Scooters For Seniors?

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Before we answer all your queries on this topic, let's look at Medicare coverage and who qualifies for it.

Medicare has several plans. Medicare Part A pays for home health care, hospital stay, or the duration you may spend in a nursing facility to recuperate after staying in hospital.

On the other hand, Medicare Part B is the medical insurance you need to pay for outpatient care, your doctor's fee, home care, plus medical equipment. That's where mobility aids come in.

Therefore, if you have Medicare Part B, you qualify for a mobility scooter.

Medicare Advantage Plan, formerly called Part C, can also pay for your durable medical equipment (DME) as it bundles Part A and B into one plan. However, you have to check with individual providers in this plan to see their policies on mobility scooters.

Medicare Part B suits you if you're

  • Over 65 years old
  • An American citizen
  • A permanent resident who has lived here for five consecutive years
  • You're under 65 years but living with a medical condition


To get assistance through this cover, you have to meet this criterion:

Mobility Aids For Home Use

The mobility scooter must be for medical purposes, and you should use it in your home and not in a medical facility or outside your home.

Your doctor needs to confirm that basic daily activities like bathing are impossible without a mobility scooter.

Plus, your doctor proves that other mobility aids like a walker or a cane aren't suited to your situation.

You also need enough space in your home to move about in a mobility scooter because it's no use limiting your movements when your medical condition is already restricting where you can go.

Does Medicare Cover Scooters Without Prescription?

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No, your doctor must prescribe it in writing in an order form. Sometimes, this insurance cover may ask for additional information from your doctor to prove that getting such a mobility aid is crucial.

If your medical situation changes as you wait for approval, your doctor has to update your order.

Additionally, Medicare approves orders processed through specific suppliers only. Even if you're renting a mobility scooter, you have to work with a supplier that'll repair it whenever necessary within the cost approved by Medicare.

A face-to-face medical examination is necessary for your doctor to prescribe the best device for your condition.

It's a detailed process that furnishes Medicare with information about your medical condition in a document called the 7 Element Order. In it, your doctor includes these seven elements:

  1. Your name
  2. A description of the mobility device suitable for your medical condition
  3. The date your face-to-face examination took place
  4. Diagnosis of the health condition requiring a mobility aid
  5. Duration you'll need this device
  6. Your doctor's signature and date
  7. Your doctor's National Provider Identifier (NPI) number

Does Medicare Pay For Scooters Fully?

No, but Medicare Part B covers a substantial cost of your mobility aid whether you'll buy or rent one. You'll only look for 20% of the scooter cost. Most mobility aids received through Medicare are rentals as this cover mostly buys the inexpensive ones.

Your rental period may last 13 months, after which you become the owner. However, you must use it continuously for those 13 months. If you don't need the mobility scooter after using it for a few months, the supplier collects it from you and caters for replacement parts or repairs.

Are Mobility Scooters Covered By Medicare Beneficial?

Yes, they are for these reasons,

  • It's a lower cost to you as Medicare covers 80% of the mobility scooter price. 
  • This cover takes care of repairs and replacements, up to 80% of the approved cost.
  • You can buy from a range of approved suppliers.
  • Medicare has several cover plans that can help you finance the 20%.

Let’s mention a few cons, such as the fact that your supplier must accept an assignment. It refers to the Medicare-approved amount for the equipment.

If your supplier refuses, you have to search for one elsewhere as suppliers have the right to accept or reject these assignments.

Two, denials are possible, especially when your application lacks essential information or shows signs of fraud to get you a device you don't need.

Nevertheless, if your doctor provides all the necessary information and your needs are clear, you'll get your best portable mobility scooter.

If you're still wondering whether Medicare cover mobility scooters, watch this video:

Senior Tip: Have you wondered, too, if Medicare also takes care of wheelchair ramps or if they are a joint project with the city government? We shed light on this topic -- Does Medicare Pay For Wheelchair Ramps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Scooters Does Medicare Cover?

It covers power-operated scooters for people who can't use a manual wheelchair, a walker, or a cane.

To get one, however, you need to prove you can control it safely, get in and out, and you can sit with ease. Why? A mobility device makes your life easier as you recuperate or becomes part of your daily essentials if you're suffering from a medical condition you have to cope with for life.

Will Medicare Pay For A Mobility Scooter?

Yes, this cover will take care of medical services plus the medical equipment needed for your health problem. Durable medical equipment like a mobility scooter is in the Part B Medicare plan alongside power and manual wheelchairs.

Does Medicare Pay For Scooters Rentals?

Yes, you can rent a mobility scooter until your medical condition improves.

How Do You Get A Scooter From Medicare?

First, apply for Medicare Part A and B. Next, there's a rigorous process, one that starts with a physical examination from your doctor followed by a written prescription.

Your doctor submits the written prescription to Medicare to show your eligibility. Then, you can find a Medicare-approved supplier whether you'd like to rent or buy one.

Final Thoughts

Medicare Part B covers new and rental mobility scooters. But, it has a strict application process and a set of requirements. Additionally, you can only work with a supplier and a doctor approved by this cover.

The advantage is that it covers senior citizens, so you can use your Medicare Part B benefits any time your doctor sees the need for you to use a mobility device. What's more, the plan covers repairs and replacement parts of your rented scooter.

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