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Best Wheelchair Carriers In 2024: Easy-To-Install Sets To Transport Mobility Aids Securely

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Last Updated: May 15, 2024

When looking for a mobility aid, one factor that'll guide your decision is its portability. You'll visit family and friends, go for medical checkups, perhaps even plan an out-of-state vacation.


You'll be looking for a wheelchair that's easy to fold or transport in your car. But, even as you worry about its portability, you'll also be looking for the best wheelchair carrier to transport your mobility device.

We've rounded up top brands and reviewed their pros and cons, starting with the Fivklemnz Car Roof Bag that stood out as the best wheelchair carrier for a vehicle. Read more about it below.

The Best Wheelchair Carrier: Top Picks

1. Fivklemnz Car Roof Bag - Best Overall

Fivklemnz Car Roof Bag Cargo Carrier, 15 Cubic Feet Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Carrier with Anti-Slip Mat + 8 Reinforced Straps + 4 Door Hooks Suitable for All Vehicle with/Without Rack

Two popular ways of transporting your wheelchair are either strapping it to the bumper of your car or carrying it on the roof. We ranked the Fivklemnz Car Roof Bag as the best roof carrier bag option.


First, it's affordable, and given the cost of the wheelchair, getting a ramp, home modifications, and other expenses, you'd want to save wherever possible.

Fivklemnz secures your wheelchair cargo with eight adjustable straps such that it won't move about as you drive. It stays in place even at high speed, and the anti-slip mat ensures there is little to no slip or scratching underneath.

The space can fit different models of wheelchairs, as the 15 cubic feet of space can fit up to five or six suitcases.


  • Stable even at high speed
  • It has an anti-slip mat
  • Installation is easy
  • Spacious compartment


  • Lifting the cargo onto the car-top is cumbersome.


The eight straps of the Fivklemnz Car Roof Bag secure the cargo to the roof firmly such that it can withstand the worst storm. The bag's material is waterproof, another feature that'll protect your wheelchair from elements anywhere you travel.

It's a good choice for a road trip across states as it'll be on the rooftop, out of your way, and you'll have space for more stuff in the trunk.


2. FieryRed Carrier - Best Luggage Basket Option

FieryRed Folding Cargo CarrierIf we didn't convince you to get a waterproof cargo bag above, maybe you'd like a luggage basket instead. Therefore, let's see what the FieryRed Folding Cargo Carrier Luggage Basket has for you.

First, it's easy to mount as it comes with all the mounting hardware. You'll have large storage space to haul your wheelchair, and you can adjust the shank of this foldable carrier to a vertical position when it's empty.

The FieryRed Carrier has heavy-duty, durable steel mesh that supports heavy wheelchairs, taking up to 500 pounds of cargo weight. It's secure, with tall sides that keep your wheelchair in the cargo carrier.

It's one of the top wheelchair carriers for trailer hitch, as you can use it in any two-inch trailer hitch.
The only drawback is that when overwhelmed, it may go too low to the ground.


  • Heavy-duty luggage basket
  • Durable steel carrier
  • No hooks needed
  • Carries up to 500 pounds of weight
  • Easy to assemble


  • May sit low to the ground.


The FieryRed Folding Cargo Carrier Luggage Basket will transport your wheelchair in a large steel basket hitched to the trunk of your car. There'll be enough space and weight capacity for a few more essentials for your road trip.


3. Rooftop Cargo Carrier - Best Budget Option

Rooftop Cargo Carrier for Top of Vehicle - Car Top Carrier Roof Bag 15 or 20 Cubic for Cars with or Without Racks

Your trunk needs space for smaller cargo, whether you're just visiting friends nearby or going out of town. The Rooftop Cargo Carrier creates additional cargo space on your rooftop without using burdensome cargo boxes.

Instead, you get lightweight cargo bags that are easy to mount on your roof. It's a complete cargo carrier; therefore, you'll not buy additional attachments.

It fits on any car, even if yours doesn't have a roof rack; thus, no need for modifications.

It comes with two sets of rack straps and two sets of door straps, a combination that secures your wheelchair to the car.

Plus, you'll first lay the mat provided to protect the roof from scratches, then place the cargo bag on top. After unloading your wheelchair, you can store the protective mat in the carry bag until your next road trip.

We're reviewing the 15 cubic feet design. If you go bigger and pick the 20 cubic feet, you'll pay double, which is still affordable. But, even this small one can transport your wheelchair.

Lastly, it's a durable, waterproof cargo carrier with lockable zips to prevent moisture from seeping inside.


  • A protective mat
  • Complete cargo carrier, no attachments needed
  • Durable, waterproof material
  • Spacious, 15 cubic feet of space
  • For use without a roof rack
  • Sturdy straps


  • May need extra straps


The Rooftop Cargo Carrier is waterproof, durable, and spacious. You don't need a roof rack to mount it as it comes with sets of straps that secure the bag. It also has a protective mat to cushion the paint job.


4. RoofPax Car Roof Bag - Best Heavy Duty Option

RoofPax Car Roof Bag & Rooftop Cargo Carrier. 19 Cubic Feet. 100% Waterproof Excellent Military Quality Car Top Carrier. Heavy Duty RoofBag. Fits All Vehicle With/Without Rack. 4+2 Door Hooks Included

It's bigger than the one described above, as it gives you 19 cubic feet of space for you to transport more than just your mobility aid.

You can transport your wheelchair in any weather as it's a waterproof carrier.

Further, the RoofPax Car Roof Bag comes with ten straps to secure your cargo in more places than the wheelchair carrier we described above. It's easy to install this cargo carrier, and it fits even cars without a roof rack.

This heavy-duty carrier will serve you for a long time eliminating the cost of getting another one. Plus, it won't scratch your car as it comes with a protective mat.


  • Spacious for different wheelchair sizes
  • Heavy-duty design
  • It has a protective mat
  • Easy installation process
  • Extra hooks
  • Waterproof


  • May not withstand severe wet conditions


The RoofPax Car Roof Bag has heavy-duty materials that make it firm and durable. It's easy to install on a car with a roof rack or without and secure it using hooks. The carrier's bottom has a protective mat to prevent scratches.


5. Silver Spring Manual Carrier - Best Simple Design

Silver Spring Manual Wheelchair Carrier with Tilting Platform We've talked about rooftop bags and luggage baskets so far. Now we turn to another design that's simple and functional.

The Silver Spring Manual Wheelchair Carrier transports your wheelchair using a car hitch ball mount.

It eliminates the tedious task of loading your wheelchair into a carrier bag or securing it with hooks. The platform tilts to make loading and unloading easy for you.

Plus, it's a durable steel frame that can hold up to 100 pounds. It also comes with reflectors to make the carrier visible to other road users.


  • Carrier tilts down
  • Height adjustable arm to secure the wheelchair
  • Reflectors for visibility
  • Easy installation
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Foldable when not in use


  • No protection from weather elements
  • It needs a spare set of hands when unloading, or the wheelchair may crash.


The Silver Spring Manual Wheelchair Carrier is easy to use as you only mount it to the back of your car, for it transports the wheelchair folded. It has a height-adjustable arm to secure your wheelchair and reflectors on the steel frame for safety.


6. USSerenay Hitch Cargo Carrier - Best Hitch Cargo Set

USSerenaY Hitch Cargo Carrier - Trailer Hitch Luggage Rack with Net, Waterproof Cargo Bag and 2 Reinforced Straps - Folding Car Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier L60" X W20" X H6" 550lbs Capacity The USSerenay Hitch Cargo Carrier comes in a complete set with a cargo rack hitch and a bag to transport your cargo securely. After placing your wheelchair inside the cargo rack, cover it with the mesh provided to secure it such that it doesn't move even when driving at high speed.

Other road users are safe near you as they can see there's a hitch cargo from the two sets of reflectors attached to the frame.

On top of that, the USSerenay is a durable cargo trailer made of steel to provide a lightweight mesh rack.


  • Heavy-duty steel mesh
  • Six-inch side rail keeps everything inside the rack
  • Safety net to cover your cargo
  • Waterproof cargo bag
  • Holds up to 500 pounds
  • Black-powder coated steel frame, rust-resistant


  • The bag is not fully waterproof


The USSerenay Hitch Cargo Carrier is sturdy to support the weight of any wheelchair, for it holds up to 500 pounds. It folds up when not in use to keep it out of the way. Further, you'll secure your wheelchair using a cargo net.


7. Reese Explore - Best Cargo Tray Option

Reese Explore Aluminum Hitch Cargo Tray

Unlike the hitch cargo carrier above that uses a rack, this one comes in the form of a tray. But, the Reese Explore Aluminum Hitch Cargo Tray can still transport heavy wheelchairs, as it has a capacity of 500 pounds.

It takes a few minutes to bolt the two pieces together, a reason to say it's an easy assembly carrier.

Since it's flat, not a rack as other designs described in this review, it's easy to access and load your wheelchair.


  • Easy assembly process
  • Sturdy frame
  • Can accommodate any wheelchair weight


  • No protection from weather elements


The Reese Explore is the best wheelchair carrier for your car as it's lightweight and sturdy. It's easy to assemble as it has two pieces, and there's no rack to lift.


Choosing The Best Wheelchair Carrier For Your Car

So, do you remember the wheelchair carrier we ranked as the best overall above? Don't worry; we'll summarize our top choices, now.

Carrier Type

white roof box attached to a car

As you've noted so far, we have several carrier types.

The Hitch-Mounted Carrier

It's cost-effective, you have many design options, and it's easy to assemble. It tilts down when loading your wheelchair, and it's attached to a ball mount under your car's trunk.

You'll have space for your wheelchair plus more luggage, and you can cover them with a mesh or a weatherproof bag, depending on what's available.

The Bumper-Mounted Carrier

It transports your wheelchair on an attachment drilled into the bumper.

First, you fold the wheelchair and then lift it onto the cargo carrier. The disadvantage of this design is that it obstructs your trunk's opening.

Car-Top Carrier

The car-mounted design is a favorite for many, more so to protect the different kinds of wheelchairs from weather elements. The demerit of this design is that you'd need help to lift your wheelchair onto your car's roof.

However, it’s the best electric wheelchair carrier because you can access the trunk whenever you want during your road trip. Plus, you'll have extra space beside the wheelchair to strap other luggage. Best choice to utilize the use of wheelchair after spending on electric wheelchair price.

Weight Capacity Matters

Your carrier should support more than the average weight of your wheelchair. Luckily, some of the wheelchair carriers we've reviewed above can support up to 500 pounds.

Consider the total weight you'd haul in your car without overloading it because you may need more than just your best portable wheelchair when driving out of town.

Safety First

For a hitch carrier, look for one with a retro-reflective material so that it's visible to the driver or road user behind. The ones we've talked about in our article have reflector strips on the edge of the rack. When installing a bumper-mounted or hitch-mounted carrier, your lights and number plate should also be visible.

For a rooftop carrier, the straps should secure the cargo firmly.

Watch this video of RoofPax installation and how to secure it on any type of vehicle:

Which Car Type Does It Support?

Preferably, get one you can mount on a car with or without a rooftop. For hitch carriers, ensure it specifies you can mount it on your vehicle type and states any attachments or fabrications needed.

FAQs About Wheelchair Carriers

What Factors Do You Check When Buying A Carrier For A Wheelchair?

We've looked at these factors extensively in the section above, and they include the carrier's weight capacity, the car model supported, and the carrier type.

Is A Shop Fabricated Wheelchair Carrier For A Car Or Trailer Safe To Use?

Yes, it is. It comes with specifications on the weight limit, mounting hardware, and the car models it supports. Further, you also get hooks to secure the cargo and a mesh to cover it. These wheelchair carriers have durable frames that withstand regular wear and tear.

When Do You Require A Wheelchair Carrier?

You require one whenever you transport your wheelchair in your car, and you have no space for it in the trunk. Hence, you strap the wheelchair to your car's roof in a cargo carrier or use a hitch carrier and secure it with hooks.

As we conclude, which is the best wheelchair carrier for your vehicle?

The Verdict

Since you'll travel during different weather conditions, a waterproof carrier is a good choice, and that's why we ranked the Fivklemnz Car Roof Bag as a top choice.

Furthermore, when you mount your wheelchair on your car's roof, you'll have the trunk for other luggage.

But, for a more affordable deal, check out the Rooftop Cargo Carrier. It has 15 cubic feet of space, a protective mat to prevent scratches, and it's a durable, waterproof carrier.

If you're only traveling to the neighborhood and need something simple, see the various hitch carriers in our review.

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