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Best Accessories For Wheelchairs: Tips In Picking The Right One For Your Ease And Bliss

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Last Updated: May 14, 2024

Are you using a wheelchair right now? Do you know someone who needs to?


They say the iron-willed people who use this first-class machinery deserve the best comfort and experience when using them. Don’t you think so, too? It wouldn’t hurt to have a few compartments here and there or even additional tools for convenience in everyday activities.

Thus, here are some of the best accessories for wheelchairs to give aid and ease. I think the Vive Wheelchair Bag will serve efficiency for most people, but watch out! More attachments are just around the corner.

6 Must-Have Accessories For Wheelchair Users

1. Vive Wheelchair Bag – Best Overall

Vive Wheelchair Bag - Wheel Chair Storage Tote Accessory for Carrying Loose Items and Accessories - Travel Messenger Backpack for Men, Women, Handicap, Elderly - Accessible Pouch and Pockets, Black You’ll find grabbing and carrying things trouble-free with the Vive Wheelchair Bag. With the ease of use this organizer provides, it’s a wise option for keeping essentials safe.

Installing this 19-in x 14-in sized and lightweight organizer is far from difficult as its straps are easily adjustable for fitting, particularly in standard wheelchairs. For a more comfortable movement, its padded shoulder straps have you covered.

The sturdy pockets, which are 4 inches deep, can carry medical supplies, purses, phones, and other stuff you deem necessary. In addition, the nylon material of the bag helps keep the contents dry through any burst of rainfall.

Maintaining its cleanliness is also worry-free as this equipment is highly washable, thanks to its material. Just make sure to wash it with cold water and allow for air to dry to maintain its quality.

Keep in mind, though, that most recommend it for manual wheelchair use. You may still opt to use it for electrical ones but make sure to observe proper care.

As per warranty, the online purchase comes with a 60-day guarantee!


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to use
  • Sturdy pockets
  • Washable


  • Not recommended for electric wheelchairs


Carrying and easy grabbing of essentials is usually a must among wheelchair users. Vive’s Wheelchair Bag, with exquisite quality and high feedback from buyers, makes it a good option and one of the best manual wheelchair accessories.


2. Universal Cup Holder By Accmor – Best Value

Universal Cup Holder By AccmorLike most cup holders, you’ll find, Accmor’s product mainly advertised for strollers. Nevertheless, its specs and quality fit the standards of that for a wheelchair.

Adjustability is present with its holder capable of holding a maximum diameter of 9.5 cm or 3.74 inches. Furthermore, the clip can freely adjust from 1.4 cm to 4.5 cm or 0.55 inches to 1.7 inches.

With Universal Cup Holder By Accmor, You’ll also say goodbye to sliding and spilling with the rubber pad attached to the clamp and the three automatic springs in the bottle cage. These, along with the 360-degree rotation feature, will be very convenient for walks and obstacles along the way.

What’s even nicer about this product is its safe and environmentally friendly materials that are also efficient.

You’ll find an average cup steady on your wheelchair thanks to the ABS plastics and slip-resistant rubber.


  • Versatility
  • Made of efficient and environmentally friendly materials
  • Adjustable holder and clip
  • With rubber pad attached to clamp and automatic springs in the bottle cage
  • 360-degree rotation feature


  • Not for heavy cups or cups with handles
  • More sturdy for round handles or bars only


Apart from a cup holder's practical benefits, Accmor's universal cup holder features show promising usefulness worth the investment. Just note that like any other product, it has limits, so handle it with care.


3. LEAD MODUDU Seat Belt – Best Body Support

Wheelchair Seat Belt Safety Belt Fixed Elderly Belt Constrained Bands with Adjustable Straps Patients Cares Safety Harness Chair Waist Lap Strap for Elderly (Black)

For extra support, LEAD MODUDU Wheelchair Seat Belt is one of the fan-favorites among buyers. Numerous people appreciate the accessory's ease of use, durability, and efficiency in encouraging proper posture.

You’ll find it very comfortable thanks to its soft cushioned belt.

The material, made of nylon and sandwich mesh fabric with built-in pearl cotton, further makes it breathable and sensitive to skin.

Easy to attach and detach, wheelchair users will like its quick-release buckle for independence.

You’ll find it effectively securing your body without too much restraint. For caretakers and family members out there, you’ll love that it’s conveniently and effortlessly washable.

The downside is that a few find it too big or too small, leading it to slide down now and then.

Luckily, most still consider it a perfect fit but keep this factor in mind.


  • Comfortable with soft cushioned belt
  • Washable
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Recommendable for being secure and effective


  • Size/length not suitable for all users


Thanks to high feedback from buyers, we consider LEAD MODUDU’s Wheelchair Seat Belt one of the most efficient for proper posture for wheelchair users. The quality and features it offers make it convenient, comfy, and secure when used.


4. BundleBean Wheelchair Blanket – Best For Comfort

Wheelchair Blanket | Fleece-Lined & Waterproof | Universal fit for Manual and Powered wheelchairs | Adult Size (Polar Bear)

BundleBean's Wheelchair Blanket offers a warm and cozy feeling with its fleece lining and waterproof feature. You’ll find them very efficient and flexible in different weathers, perfect for everyday strolls or occasional outings.

The material and design are also eye-catchers for being breathable, foldable, and durable to kicks and rough movements.

You might find its Velco straps convenient, especially for limited eyesight.

What’s nice is that fitting it isn’t that hard, even if the wheelchair user does it alone!

The design applies to both electric and manual wheelchairs. However, check to see if it suits you because as well-fitting as it is, the size limit is 90 cm by 140 cm long.

As a bonus, you’re free to decide the aesthetics, as purchase comes with various patterns.

If mishaps happen after an online purchase, which most can all relate to, the product offers a one-year warranty and 30-day money back! They may even provide customer service.


  • Waterproof
  • With fleece lining for warmth
  • With velcro straps
  • Easy-to-fit design suitable for both manual and electric wheelchairs


  • Not suitable for users or people with longer legs


Thanks to its fleece lining and waterproof feature, BundleBean has one of the comfiest and efficient wheelchair blankets you’ll find. Its quality, flexibility, and the offers that come with it make it one of the best electric and manual wheelchair accessories.


5. HEALTHLINE Legrests – Best For Convenience

HEALTHLINE Elevating LegrestsYou could consider leg rests or leg huggers one of the best accessories for wheelchairs, and HEALTHLINE's Elevating Legrests is a good option for convenience.

To start, many find it easy to install with its tool-free assembly parts.

It’s also flexible to fit numerous wheelchair brands, which became a go-getter for most buyers.

What’s also nice is that it’s a universal accessory, so apart from wheelchairs, you may use it for roller walkers and chairs with leg rest.

Considerate for comfort; the HEALTHLINE Elevating Legrests style also comes with vinyl padded calf pads and support for proper foot position. Additionally, it’s nonslip and plastic for safety and easy cleaning purposes.

Most find it a perfect fit for both their legs and wheelchairs, but still, be wary and reconsider its dimensions. It may not be suitable for longer legs, affecting your comfort and possibly the product’s durability.


  • Universal accessory
  • Easy-to-install
  • Elevates
  • Versatile and fits numerous wheelchair brands


  • Not suitable for longer legs
  • Limited and possibly difficult adjustability


HEALTHLINE Wheelchair Elevating Legrests is an efficient option for leg huggers due to its versatility and convenience. The product's qualities make it an efficient accessory for support and comfort; however, remember to check if its dimensions suit you.


6. ZHEEYI Cylinder Bag – Best For Breathing Problems

ZHEEYI Oxygen Cylinder Bag for Wheelchairs with Buckles, Fits Any Wheelchair, Black (Fits Most Oxygen cylinders) Flexible, sturdy, and wear-resistant, these are the qualities we seek in an oxygen bag, and you'll undoubtedly appreciate how ZHEEYI’s Cylinder Bag has it all.

First off, this bag adapts to your oxygen tank size with the help of its 8.2-in width.

The product's capability expands with the two built-in zippers that can adjust from small to large tank cylinders.

Aside from that, you'll find the nylon fabric of this oxygen bag specially thickened to make it wear and tear-resistant. It is also easy to clean and highly durable, making it comfortable to use.

If you are worried about compatibility, Zheeyi Oxygen Bag can attach to different classes of wheelchairs. Any adjustments in height, as well as position, should be easy with its attachable clasps.

As a bonus, when purchasing online, your purchase may come with a full refund for cases of dissatisfaction and issues.


  • Highly durable
  • Adjustable to various sizes of oxygen cylinder tanks
  • Easy to install
  • Wear and tear-resistant
  • Relatively cheap


  • Flimsy straps


From its zippers to fabric, Zheeyi Oxygen Cylinder Bag puts quality and reliability up to the top. With its unique design adapting to whatever oxygen tank is available, it’s a go-to wheelchair accessory for elderly individuals or anyone with breathing conditions.


Types Of Wheelchair Accessories

pink wheelchair

Note that wheelchair accessories aren’t limited to the products we’ve reviewed. There are numerous more that might catch your interest.

Wheelchair Organizers

Wheelchair organizers are probably one of the usual wheelchair accessories that come to mind. These attachable bags with compartments make life easier for grabbing necessities, especially when going outside.

You’ll find products that offer pockets that can fit essentials as small as keys and cellphones to those that can store laptops. Choose based on your needs.

Seat Cushions

Power chair vs scooters come with their seat cushions, but there’s no harm in adding one more, is there? Seat cushions are most efficient for those who have medical conditions and require extra comfort.

You can especially look at memory foam cushions or gel seat cushions. Their material and design provide extra comfort and prevention from soreness.

Wheelchair Armrest Covers

Free wheelchairs for seniors and buying wheelchairs don’t, and if it does, rarely come with armrest covers or cushions. If you prefer that extra comfort, consider buying one.

It’s considerably advantageous to prevent soreness in your arms, especially if you’re one to sit in your wheelchair for long periods.

Leg Huggers/Leg Rests

Like armrest cushions, leg huggers or leg rests are paddings, but this time for your legs and feet. Apart from extra comfort, they keep your feet in place to prevent slipping and inconvenience.

More especially if you have a total loss or limited leg mobility due to medical conditions, it’s one of the must-have attachments for the best wheelchair.

If you’re interested in the accessory, try checking out this video on how to adjust and attach a leg rest to your wheelchair:

Pelvic Belts And Harnesses (Body, Chest, Shoulder)

Sitting in a wheelchair for most of the day can affect your posture and lead to soreness and stiffness. Pelvic belts and harnesses are the best wheelchair accessories for this problem.

Pelvic belts, as the name suggests, stabilizes the pelvic area. Meanwhile, harnesses are attached to either among the three body parts: body, chest, and shoulder. All harnesses support your sitting position and prevent injuries.

Choose based on what you need and check if the design will keep you comfortable and intact. Feedback from buyers may help you with it.

Wheelchair Blankets

Having wheelchair blankets is a wise choice for extra comfort, especially if you live in areas with cold weather.

Some wheelchair blankets are easy to fit where the wheelchair user can even do it on their own. Be sure to check if the size fits you and if you aren’t allergic to the material.

Wheelchair Gloves

The best wheelchair gloves are ideal manual wheelchair accessories. When moving wheels by hand, gloves are your aid in grips and extra protection from blisters and wounds.

What’s nice about its functionality is that you can effortlessly move on your own with less strain.

If you’re one to use a manual wheelchair for a lengthy period, this accessory will surely come in handy.

Push Bars

The best wheelchair accessories aren’t only for their users. With push bars, family members or caregivers experience less effort in pushing wheelchairs, even on uneven surfaces.

You might disregard them for the handles already provided, but I’ll tell you, most were surprised by the ease push bars gave them.

man pushing a wheelchair

Work Trays

Most work trays are suitable for both electric and manual wheelchairs. Some are attachable to wheelchairs, while some aren’t. Either way, they are very efficient for work, reading and writing, hobbies, and even eating meals. Great additions regardless of the cost of electric wheelchair. 

Hair Washing Trays

Showering could be strenuous with limited mobility, but you’ll find hair washing trays a convenient tool for those who use wheelchairs.

You place the tray against the sink, and with careful adjustment and head positioning, you can shower the person’s hair with no hassle. Just be sure your sink is large enough for it.

Cup Holders

You won’t realize the value of cup holders until you’ve tried them. Apart from holding bottles and cups, you can also place your medications, small tissue boxes, etc. They make a valuable addition to wheelchair bags for ease of organization.

Oxygen Tank Holders

Not everyone but numerous wheelchair users require portable oxygen tanks. Buying a case for it is more of a requirement than an option. Carrying oxygen tanks is not only heavy but also dangerous.

You’ll find the cases placed at the back of the wheelchair between the handles. When buying, be sure to check durability as well as water resistance.

old man in a hospital with oxygen tank in a wheelchair

Automatic Door Openers And Wheelchair Ramps

When staying at home, especially when the doorway is high, automatic door openers and wheelchair ramps are essential for a transport chair or wheelchair.

Sensors and smooth pavements will make it easier to enter and exit and also prevent accidents. Portable wheelchair ramps are also available for efficiency in traveling.

Wheelchair Covers And Carrying Cases

Wheelchair covers and carrying cases are great for traveling and storing purposes. They will keep dust, spills, and even harmful rays in hospitals away. Consider them a protective shell for your wheelchair styles, especially when riding vehicles for long periods.

Factors Before Buying Attachments For Wheelchairs


Only buy what you need.

Some tend to think that more accessories mean more comfort, but that isn’t always the case. Each of us has different needs; choose the one(s) that will essentially benefit the user and the situation.

Budget - Set Your priority

The budget goes hand-in-hand with our earlier factor, purpose. Buying equipment that doesn’t fit the needs of the person may end up going to waste. Let’s ponder over it carefully.

Specs And Qualities

Of course, we consider the accessories’ specs; we want them to fit our wheelchair perfectly, right?

Consider the size, color, material, or whatever you need to take into account. You can also look at feedback and reviews from buyers to check long-last quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do electric and manual wheelchairs have different accessories?

On most occasions, you’ll find products suitable as both manual and electric wheelchair accessories. However, there will be situations when they won’t be recommendable for one of the two types. You can check product detail and buyer reviews for this.

What wheelchair accessories are most suitable for children with disabilities?

You might find cup holders and wheelchair organizers or bags efficient for children with disabilities to carry their water bottles and everyday supplies. Work trays are also convenient, especially if they're students who need a table for their studies.

What wheelchair accessories are most suitable for the elderly?

The elderly may like pelvic belts and harnesses to help with their posture. Cup holders (to place medications) and leg rests are also recommendable for extra comfort and convenience.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I believe the Vive Wheelchair Bag ranks one among our best accessories for wheelchairs. Its functionality is flexible for nearly all wheelchair users, and the features the product offers assure a convenient use.

The Universal Cup Holder by Accmor is also one of the top-tier options. It’s underrated yet incredibly efficient and versatile for different uses, definitely worth its value.

Nevertheless, whichever you need and choose among these cool wheelchair accessories, I hope you achieve the comfort they aim to give you.

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