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Best Sock Assist Tool: What To Check Before Buying & Are They Worth The Investment?

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Last Updated: May 14, 2024

You might think that wearing socks is pretty easy, right? But what about our friends with arthritis or someone who just had hip surgery?


In such cases, sock aids will come as a handy tool to help you put socks on with ease. Having limited mobility shouldn't get in the way of performing your daily tasks. You just need to find the best sock assist tool that's most suitable for you.

In this review, the Vive Sock Aid bagged the top spot as best overall. Find out if you'd also think likewise. If not, we have other best-selling sock aids on our list for you to check out.

Top 5 Best Sock Aid/ Sliders Reviewed

1. Vive Sock Aid – Best Overall

Vive Sock Aid - Easy On and Off Stocking Slider - Donner Pulling Assist Device - Sock Helper Aide Tool - Puller for Elderly, Senior, Pregnant, Diabetics - Pull Up Assistance Help You will find this product from Vive as the best sock aid you can get for its exceptional design. It has a flexible latex-free plastic shell that makes it easier for you to put your favorite pair of socks.

This sock aid gives you the option to alter the 33-inch long cord connected to the shell with its button adjusters.

Not only that, but they also have soft foam grips at the other end of the cord to help you pull the sock aid comfortably.

What I liked about this sock aid is its nonslip cuff design that won't interfere with your socks. Why? Because it is much bigger than its competitors. The cuffs cover the whole end of the shell, making it easy and comfortable for you to wear your socks.


  • Sizeable nonslip foam
  • 33-inch long cord with button adjusters
  • Easy to pull


  • Not great for people who wear tight socks
  • It requires strength to pull


The Vive Sock Aid, with its button adjusters and a big nonslip cuff, enhances your convenience in wearing your socks. It stood out as the best overall, and even more surprising is you can get this handy device at a fair price.


2. RMS Deluxe Sock Aid – Best Value

RMS Deluxe Sock Aid - Socks Helper with Foam Handles I would rate the RMS Deluxe Sock Aid as the best value for someone new in using sock aids and is working on a budget.

The RMS has a flexible contoured plastic shell, making it easier for people like me who have limited hand strength to wear socks in comfort.

Not only that, but the slider also has a non-slip foam so that the socks won’t slip off when you’re trying to wear them.

The contoured shell of the sock aid has an appropriate measurement of 9.5 inches long, 5 inches wide, and a height of 3 inches. Such dimension allows individuals with standard-sized feet to use it with no trouble.

They also have a 38 inches long rope that you can adjust to your desired length by making knots.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • The thick grips are easy to pull evenly
  • Large knots holding the contoured shell won't pull through
  • The grip pad doesn’t interfere by holding the sock back when pulling it up


  • Too small nonslip foam
  • Not compatible for people with wide feet


RMS is a good grab if you’re new to sock aids and on a budget. It has a small nonslip cuff and allows cord adjustment by tying it to your desired length.


3. Fanwer Socks Auxiliary Tool – Best Comfy Sock Aid

Sock Aid Tool and Pants Assist for Elderly, Disabled,Pregnant, Diabetics - Pulling Assist Device - Socks Helper This sock auxiliary tool from Fanwer could be what you need if you are looking for a more flexible type of sock aid.

The Fanwer Sock Aids features a terry cloth cover that makes it more comfortable to use than items with plastic construction.

It is gentle to the skin but still firm so that it won’t slip from your grasp.

They likewise have large hoop holes at the end of their thick fabric cords for easy grip and lets you pull them easily.

However, you need to use it with dry feet to prevent a foul smell since it has a cloth cover.


  • Soft against the skin
  • Large hoop holes for easy grip
  • Suitable for different types of socks


  • Smelly if not used properly


The Fanwer Sock Aid is comfortable to use due to its terry cloth cover that makes it gentle to the skin. It's also easy to hold, thanks to its hoop hole design.


4. Allstar Innovations Sock Slider – Best Framework

Allstar Innovations Sock SliderAllstar Innovations Sock Slider is what you would call the easy on/off sock aid due to its well-structured framework.

It has a cradle design that lets you put your sock on it quickly. It also has rubber at the bottom; hence, the unit stays in place while you’re using it.

Another beautiful thing about this sock aid is its compact size. You can disassemble it for enhanced portability if you’re planning on bringing it with you while traveling.

Finally, my favorite part about the Allstar is the sock slider handle. It helps you put down the unit and also use it to keep them in place. You’re wondering if that’s their only purpose, right? You can also use the handle to help you fix your socks and take them off.


  • It comes with a sock slider handle
  • Option to disassemble the sock aid
  • It has rubber at the bottom
  • Easy to use


  • It can break if used harshly
  • Long socks don’t work well


The Allstar Innovations Sock Slider comes with a handle for ease of putting down the unit, keeping it in place, and taking off your socks. Hence, you can say that of all of the products we reviewed; this sock slider has the best framework.


5. Jobst Stocking Donner – Best For Compression Socks

Jobst Stocking DonnerI recommend the Jobst Stockings Donner if you typically wear compression socks.

The sock aid itself is pretty easy to use since its design is specific for compression socks and stockings. The Donner is a metal frame device with two handles.

They have comfortable foam grips on each side that you can hold onto with no discomfort when pulling it up.


  • It has foam handles on each side
  • Easy to put your stockings on
  • Ideal for individuals wearing compression socks


  • Not suitable for very long compression socks


The Jobst Sock Donner has comfortable foam grips, making it the best choice for those wearing compression socks or stockings. Nevertheless, they are a bit more pricey than the others due to their specific design for compression socks.


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What To Consider When Buying A Sock Aid

three persons with colorful pair of socks

There is a lot to consider when buying sock aids, especially when it’s your first time using one. Here are some of the vital things worth looking at when purchasing a sock aid.


Choosing between foot-powered and hand-powered designs is also something you shouldn't ignore.

The hand-powered design is more suitable for individuals with mobility limitations since they may need more support in adjusting socks with handles.

On the other hand, a foot-powered design is best for individuals experiencing difficulty in certain activities like bending or leaning.

Feet Size

Many sock aid reviews say their sock aid doesn’t match their foot size. With that in mind, you should check the measurements carefully and ensure their accuracy to avoid any hassle.

Moreover, certain conditions can affect size consideration. People with lymphedema have larger feet, so they need a formed sock aid to meet their needs.

Kind Of Socks

One of the most important things you should consider is the type of sock you wear. What’s the best sock aid for compression socks, you might think. If you're someone who mostly wears compression socks, you should keep this in mind when buying a sock aid.

You can also watch this short video on how to use sock aids for compression socks:


You need to consider what type you want when buying the best sock assist tool— would you go for a flexible or a rigid material?

I recommend getting a sock aid with flexible material if you don’t want to stretch out your favorite pair of socks. Nonetheless, if you have wide feet, you should get a rigid one since it has a wide opening. The only downside in getting a rigid one is it will stretch out your socks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits do I get from using a sock assist tool?

Sock aids can help you wear your favorite pair of socks despite physical limitations. Since wearing socks require bending your knee and back, this device will help you avoid unnecessary strain and pain.

Does a sock aid make it easier to put on compressions socks?

Sock aids with a specific design for compression socks make it easier to wear one. They have a bigger opening, with two handles at the same level, allowing you to pull your socks with ease.

When should you NOT use a sock aid?

Sock aids help you wear your socks without straining your back or causing pain to your knees. With all the benefits in mind, I couldn't think of a time when using sock aids would be unnecessary.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Vive Sock Aid stood out as the best overall for the flexibility and comfort the device can provide its users.

You will also appreciate how RMS Deluxe Sock Aid provides excellent value despite having a smaller-sized cuff. It also makes a suitable choice for individuals who prefer an affordable device.

We hope you find this article helpful in guiding you towards the right decision of whether to get yourself a sock aid or not. May this featured list of top-selling sock aids offer you a wide range of options in choosing the best device according to your needs.

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