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Folding Mobility Scooters Reviews: What To Consider For Different Ages & Conditions

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Last Updated: April 12, 2024

There are thousands of people out there who want to feel young, healthy, and independent. And I’m sure you’re not an exception. I know you’re perfectly enjoying life, too, only wondering what it’s like in other people’s shoes.


Everyone deserves to feel the free and lively feeling of exploring the world, even people like us, who are physically challenged. We only need a little help from a friend — the foldable mobility scooter.

Going straight to the point, I consider the iLiving V8 Foldable Electric Mobility Scooter the best choice, and soon you’ll find out why.

Top 5 Ranking Of The Best Portable Mobility Scooter

1. iLiving V8 Foldable – Best Overall

iLiving V8 Foldable Electric Mobility Scooter

The iLiving V8 Foldable Electric Mobility Scooter is one of the recently made scooters with good reviews. It may not look like it, but it is durable and sturdy. It is made of heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum and can carry a maximum of 275 lbs.

It has a maximum speed of 3.7 mph and can travel a 15-mi distance on a single charge. Its incline reaches 8 degrees, with 9-in ground clearance and a 52.7-in turning radius. It also has a LED light installed for the dark. People say that it can travel even on slightly uneven surfaces.

What amazes us is its lightweight feature. It only weighs around 40 lbs (w/ battery) and is easily foldable. You can also choose to remove the battery, which only weighs 2.2 lbs and it comes with a key for security purposes.

Apart from its excellent maneuverability, the scooter has an electronic stability control installed. It automatically adjusts the speed when making a turn to prevent accidents.

Adding a cherry on top, it comes with a USB port for charging your phone. This scooter is also airline-approved, making it perfect for traveling.


  • Airline-approved w/ Lithium-ion batteries for extended life
  • Easily portable with good maneuverability
  • Can travel on uneven surfaces
  • High weight capacity of 275 lbs
  • With USB Port attachment and electronic stability control


  • Some find it too slow
  • Non Adjustable seat


When arguing about the best folding mobility scooter, I’d say the iLiving V8 Foldable Electric Mobility Scooter is the one. Just be sure to consider your height and preferred speed.


2. EV Rider Transport Plus – Best for Narrow Places

EV Rider Transport Plus - Manual Folding Scooter Power Mobility (SeaFoam Blue)

The EV Rider Transport AF+ is one of the most common foldable mobility scooters you’ll see on folding mobility scooter reviews online. It is famous for its relatively small size and ease in transportation, even in airlines.

It weighs a total of 70 lbs, but its removable seat and battery can make it weigh up to 46 lbs only. On the other hand, an 8.7Ah Lithium Battery and a 270 Watt 4-pole motor power the scooter.

It can travel at a speed of 4.0 mph and reach a maximum distance of 10-15 miles on a fully charged battery. The scooter has a high weight capacity of 250 lbs. It also features a speed control dial to control the maximum speed.

It has a 32.3-in turning radius, a climbing angle of 6 degrees, and a ground clearance of 2.4-in.

It comes with a remote for automatic folding for easy storage. You can also opt to fit armrests. Details also show it offers a one-year warranty.

Additionally, it has an LED headlight, front and rear lights, and an articulated front end for better stability. 


  • Automatic Folding
  • Ease in operation and maneuverability
  • Height-adjustable tiller
  • With speed control dial
  • Has an articulated front end for stability
  • Fit for narrow roads and tight places


  • The battery can be easily damaged
  • Too small for taller and larger people


If you’re looking for the best portable mobility scooter for everyday use, the EV Rider Transport AF+ is your scooter. It’s ideal for narrow areas.


3. Ephesus S5 – Best Controls and Value

Ephesus S5 —New 2020 Model— Electric Mobility Scooter |Foldable, Lightweight, Battery Power| (Black)

The Ephesus S5 is a new 2020 model. It is one of the growing products of Ephesus lately and receives good reviews from users.

It only weighs 62 lbs, battery included. It can carry a maximum capacity of 265 lbs. What’s more, you can bring a child with you using its removable child seat that can carry up to 65 lbs.

Its 4-wheel design makes it stable for driving and for changing surfaces. It can travel a maximum of 12 mph and an impressive maximum distance of 25 miles. It also comes with an adjustable 7-in direction bar.

Its ground clearance is 3.75-in, turning radius is 5 ft., and maximum climbing grade is 12 degrees.

An attractive feature of the S5 Electric Mobility Scooter is that you can easily adjust its speed in three different levels. Specifically, Level 1 is 3.75 mph, Level 2 is 7.5 mph, and Level 3 is 12 mph.

It comes with a reverse gear feature, which not all mobility scooters have. And as a bonus, the scooter's design is environmentally friendly. It is energy-saving and produces no pollution and noise during operation.


  • Adjustable handlebar
  • With a removable child seat
  • Adjustable speed
  • With reverse gear feature
  • Environmentally friendly


  • May not function properly on variable or bumpy surfaces
  • Small and non-adjustable seat


It’s environmentally friendly and perfect for nature lovers. But the best thing about it would be its controls; it tops the list if you have trouble managing the scooter while driving.


4. Transformer Automatic – Best for Comfort

Transformer Automatic Folding Travel Scooter BLUE with Lightweight Lithium Battery, Airline Approved People know the 4-wheel Transformer Automatic Folding Mobility Scooter for being automatically foldable and compactable using a remote control.

It is stable when traveling, being able to reach a maximum speed of 3.75 mph. It also has an airline-approved lightweight lithium battery, which is perfect for traveling. It can travel a maximum of 13.7 mi per charge, which may be suitable enough for a vacation.

It has a turning radius of 55 inches and a ground clearance of 1.6 inches. Its climbing angle reaches 15 degrees. The scooter’s weight is 53 lbs and can carry a capacity of 300 lbs at most.

The product also features a good warranty. It offers a two-year warranty on electronics, one year on batteries, and a limited lifetime on the frame.

It offers a great deal of comfort with its padded seat with a backrest and armrest. Additionally, it comes with a delta tiller.

It is the type of tiller where you can rest your wrists and aid you in your grip strength. It is comfiest for those with dexterity problems.


  • Automatic Folding
  • Airline-approved w/ Lithium-ion batteries
  • High weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • Delta w/ and padded back and armrests


  • Difficult to use for curves
  • Some parts may be easily damaged


The Transformer is the best lightweight mobility scooter if you are currently experiencing dexterity problems or require a bigger and more comfortable seat. It is also efficient for traveling due to being airline-approved and easily compactable.


5. EV Rider Gypsy Ultralight – Best Portability

EV Rider Gypsy UltralightThe EV Rider Gypsy Ultralight mobility scooter famous for its lightness and portability. Folding mobility scooters reviews consider it the lightest one there is, weighing only 37 lbs.

It can carry a maximum capacity of 250 lbs. It can travel up to 4.0 mph and reach 10 miles on a single charge. It also has a 57-in turning radius, which may be too large for proper curves. The climbing angle is 3 degrees, and an 11.6 Ah lithium battery powers the scooter.

It is the scooter for short-term trips at an affordable price. You can fold and collapse it like a carry-on bag, no doubt very portable. It is perfect for shopping and getting around the neighborhood.

Being a 4-wheel scooter, it is stable. Despite having a ground clearance of 1.7 inches, foldable mobility scooter reviews show it can both indoor and outdoor use.

However, its downside is its seat design. In addition, it doesn’t have a backrest which may be uncomfortable for long-term use.


  • Very lightweight
  • Good Stability
  • Easily foldable and compactible
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Electromagnetic brake


  • No backrest and uncomfy for long-term use
  • Relatively low maximum distance and difficult maneuverability


The EV Rider Gypsy Ultralight is the best mobility scooter that’s foldable in terms of lightness and portability. It is well-suited for short-term trips but not an ideal one for the long-term.


What Are Foldable Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters have various categories. They differ in the number of wheels, sizes, and weight, but here we’ll focus on the portable ones, specifically the foldable scooters.

Portable mobility scooters also called boot scooters, are a pearl, especially if you travel around often.

Lately, foldable mobility scooters are preferred because they are portable asides from being lightweight; only weighing around 34-70 lbs. That is relatively light when compared with other mobility scooters.

Nevertheless, they offer less hassle because they occupy less space without the need to dismantle the parts. 

Foldable Mobility Scooters vs. Other Types of Mobility Scooters

blue mobility scooter

There are different classes of mobility scooters. The most discussed are Classes 2 and 3.

A lightweight folding mobility scooter usually falls under Class 2. It is also necessary to consider your situation and purposes in buying the best mobility scooter specific to your condition.

Class 2 Mobility Scooters (foldable mobility scooters included)

  • Smaller and Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Indoor use
  • Occupies less space
  • Basic controls

Class 3 Mobility Scooters

  • Larger and heavier
  • Travels faster and longer distances
  • Better for the outdoors
  • For road use
  • Horns, brake and hazard lights, rearview mirror, etc. included

Factors to Consider when Buying Folding Mobility Scooters

Number of Wheels (3 or 4?)

red and black mobility scooter with basket

To make it easier, remember that 3-wheel scooters are better for indoors and smooth pathways like sidewalks. They are also easier to use when making a curve.

Meanwhile, 4-wheel scooters are choices for the outdoors and rough surfaces, like soil and grass. Although they are slightly more complicated to maneuver than 3-wheel ones, they undoubtedly have excellent stability.

So if you have trouble with balancing, the best foldable mobility scooter for you could be a 4-wheel.

Speed, Distance, and Maneuverability

Foldable mobility scooters usually have a speed of around 4.0 miles per hour. That’s approximately 6.4kilometers per hour. They can travel up to 8-12 miles (13-20 kilometers) on a fully charged battery.

Maneuverability is also crucial. Observe or read how smoothly it makes a turn. It will be beneficial for grocery aisles in shopping markets or even along sidewalks. You can look at its turning radius for this.

The turning radius is the amount of space needed for the scooter to make a 180-degree turn or U-turn. For tight spaces, a smaller turning radius is better.

Size and Weight Capacity

Make sure the weight of the user falls within the scooter’s weight capacity. Exceeding this range limits the expected speed, distance, and lifespan of the scooter. It could also lead to damages that aren’t negotiable under warranty, so better be careful.

Even the best folding mobility scooters for adults can barely carry a capacity of more than 300lbs. They usually carry at least 230 lbs up to less than 300 lbs. If you’re looking for a scooter that can hold heavier weights, buying the best heavy duty handicap scooters would be a better choice.

Nevertheless, the average adult weighs around 136.7 lbs, which is definitely within the weight capacity interval.

Home Environment

There are foldable mobility scooters specially designed for the outdoors and some for indoors. As discussed earlier, a 3-wheel scooter is perfect for indoors, while the 4-wheel is ideal for an outdoor drive.

Additionally, you can consider the scooter’s ground clearance for outdoor use. Ground clearance is the amount of space between the bottom of the scooter and the ground. Higher ground clearance may make it easier to travel over different terrains and uneven surfaces.

However, there are still some limitations.

Usually, lightweight scooters are for smooth roads and pavements only. Some are designed for rough terrains and small slopes but don’t expect them to function perfectly on very craggy surfaces and steep hills. You can check their climbing angles to see how well they do uphill.

If your environment includes bumpy pathways and steep slopes, thoroughly read the details and reviews of the product first. Then, carefully consider whether a class 3 mobility scooter is better for your condition.

The Controls

It is essential to consider the controls with the user’s current body reflexes. Be sure to consider the following:

  • Easily reachable controls
  • Hassle-free operation of buttons & brakes
  • Visibility of low-battery signal
  • Convenience in steering
  • Comfortable grip
If you are experiencing dexterity problems, consider buying a scooter with a Delta tiller. It has a wrap-around style designed so you can be able to rest your wrists on it and reduce strain.

It would be best to read the details and reviews or you can also who’s very well-versed with the product of your choice, for sure. 

Seat Comfort and Accessories Provided

Look at the design of the seats and the scooter's materials. Do you need an armrest? A headrest?

If you plan to use the scooter for the whole day, consider a high-back chair with armrests for maximum comfort.

You can also look at the bonus accessories some scooters bring. These include baskets, canopies, and bags. Although it won’t be your number one priority, you can consider this during the final choices.

Before we start answering popular questions about folding mobility scooters, let’s find out how this mobility scooter greatly benefited multiple lives; and not only the one who is in need of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

4 Wheel or three-wheel folding scooter - Which one is better?

The number of wheels of a mobility scooter depends on your condition and where you will use it.

Three-wheel scooters are better for the indoors, while four-wheel scooters are better for the outdoors. Consider your reflexes, too. A three-wheel scooter is better at making curves, but you may experience problems with balancing. A four-wheel scooter is better in terms of stability.

Can a foldable mobility scooter go uphill?

If the hill slope isn’t too steep and the pavement is smooth, some foldable mobility scooters can travel. Ultimately though, it is still capable of traveling uphill. Just be sure to note and care of its limits. You can check their climbing angles for this feature.

What can go wrong with a folding mobility scooter if I am way over its weight capacity?

Going over the weight capacity can limit the scooter’s maximum speed and how far can a mobility scooter go, and essentially its lifespan. It can also result in damages that can nullify the device's warranty.

Final Thoughts

When looking for the best mobility scooter that’s foldable, I’d recommend the iLiving V8 Foldable Electric Mobility Scooter. It’s perfect for traveling and everyday use. In addition, it is made of sturdy material and a great balance between stability and maneuverability.

You can also choose the Ephesus S5 Electric Mobility Scooter if you want a more budget-friendly option. It tops the ranking in terms of controls and has optimal quality as well.

Remember, no illness or age can stop us from living our lives. I hope our discussion helped you in taking your next step forward. Keep smiling and keep fighting! 😀

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