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Best Bed Alarm For Seniors: Reliable Exit Alarms To Monitor Elderlies & Prevent Falls

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Last Updated: April 13, 2024

Our elderly loved ones falling or slipping as they try to get up from bed without help is any caregiver's worst nightmare.


What if you need to do some other chores and have to leave their bedside? Maybe this is why you're looking for the best bed exit alarms, but you have no idea what features your device should have.

Well, you're just on the right page! Keep reading and find out how Smart Caregiver Cordless Bed Exit Alarm made it to our top spot. You may also check out other best-selling bed alarms for home use on our list.

2024 Review Of The Best Bed Alarm For Seniors

1. Smart Caregiver Cordless Alarm – Best Overall

Smart Caregiver Cordless AlarmMany users wanting to maximize wireless capacity would agree that this handy device from Smart Caregiver is the best bed alarm with a remote. It works well in recognizing signals with the device's pressure-sensing technology to detect movement, even from three hundred feet away.

Additionally, you can set up the device effortlessly near the bed. Once the motion sensor is activated, it will instantly alert you through a wireless signal.

It will give you the freedom and confidence to move around and do other chores while keeping your loved ones safe.

Likewise, the cordless feature gives you the peace of mind of not having your elderly adults tripping or getting tangled with long cords. The volume control is also easy to use and allows you to disable in-room alarm noise for a quiet environment.


  • Wireless alarm and bed sensor pad
  • Handy for personal and professional use
  • Detection range up to 300 feet
  • Low, medium, high volume adjustment
  • Can utilize monitor from another room for a noise-free experience
  • Sensitive and reliable motion sensor


  • Non-stop sound once pad is triggered
  • Not ideal for anyone who prefers not to use batteries


It's hardly surprising how the Smart Caregiver device is among the best bed alarms to prevent falls with its convenient wireless capability. It's suitable for those who need to monitor their elderly loved ones remotely and would want to ensure cord safety.


2. Smart Caregiver with DUAL Monitor – Best Value

Smart Caregiver® Bed and Chair Exit Alarm System for Fall & Wandering Prevention – Know When They get up! Anyone who prefers a pull-string type of monitor finds this device from Smart Caregiver as one of the best bed alarms to prevent falls. Like our first product, this also comes with a sensor pad, which you can easily mount on a bed or wheelchair.

The DUAL Monitor offers optimal versatility of using it in two different ways.

You have the option to use either the pressure pad sensor or the pull string to trigger the alarm. Unless you connect the device to the sensor pad, it automatically functions as a pull string monitor.

Furthermore, you need not worry about a startling noise that often comes with similar devices when you use this alarm system. This Smart Caregiver model allows you to record a 15-second personalized message and use it as the alarm.


  • Broad compatibility with various sensor pads
  • Versatile enough to use as a pull-string alarm or with a motion sensor
  • Audible alarm with light signal
  • No startling noises
  • Options for the standard alarm tone or a 15-second recording


  • Resetting the device is necessary to silence the alarm
  • The alarm could be very sensitive


With the DUAL Monitor, you will no longer need to use several monitoring devices. You even have 15 seconds of playback time to use as an alarm sound instead of the standard tone. It will be more comforting for older adults to hear a voice they recognize and not a startling noise.


3. Patterson Medical-30280 – Best Budget Buy

Patterson Medical-30280 Sammons Preston Magnet Alarm, Fall Management System for Elderly Residents, Aid for Monitoring Patients in Bed or in Wheelchairs, Alarm System for Assisted and Elderly Care Many users looking for the best bed alarm for seniors would want a simple-to-use device and ultimately reliable. It is what the 30280 Alarm System from Patterson takes pride in and more. This alarm system has a compact size with two volume settings of 105dB and 90dB.

It comes with a spring-loaded attachment, including a magnet and clip that you can connect to an older adult's clothing or a wheelchair.

With that specific design in mind, this attachment will flash a red light as it pulls away to trigger the alarm when the individual moves.

Furthermore, the attachment cord is expediently adjustable up to 30-inch long, allowing you to track movements even from a safe distance.


  • Small clip attachment for clothing or wheelchairs
  • Magnetic alarm fits securely without falling off
  • Two volume settings of 105 and 90db
  • User-friendly operation
  • Adjustable cord length up to 30 inches long


  • Difficult battery installation


Anyone needing an assistive device in caring for people with special needs finds Patterson Medical 30280 to be the best bed alarm for seniors. Its magnetic alarm system helps track sudden movements and allows you to respond to emergencies promptly.


4. Secure Wireless Monitor – Best Wireless Option

Secure Wireless Fall Alarm MonitorWhen checking out the bed alarm reviews, it can never be without the Wireless Fall Alarm Monitor from Secure Safety Solutions. It allows a 150-feet range of secure monitoring of loved ones and patients with a higher risk of falling out of the bed.

The package features an alarm monitor and a sensor pad transmitter that you can aptly utilize without the fear of tripping hazards since it's all wireless.

The sensing pad included is also latex-free and liquid-resistant, durable enough to withstand long-term use.


  • Wireless communication to avoid a tripping hazard
  • No interference in monitoring due to its 2.4GHz bandwidth
  • Continuous tracking up to 150 feet away
  • Capable of pairing three sensor pads to one transmitter
  • Low battery power indicator
  • Professional-grade and antimicrobial sensing pad


  • Battery operated


One of the best things about this device is its 2.4GHz bi-directional wireless capability. It gives you the option to take the alarm monitor at least 150 feet away for continuous tracking. This feature makes the device a suitable choice for home and facility use.


5. Secure 45BSET-1Y Universal – Best In Convenience

Secure 45BSET-1Y Bed Exit Alarm Set for Fall and Wandering Prevention - Includes Patient Monitor with Holder, 12" x 30" Bed Sensor Pad and Batteries Not having to restart the alarm manually once it sets off makes the Universal Fall Alarm Monitor among the best bed alarm for elderly adults.

It resets automatically as soon as the senior adult returns to bed, further enhancing user convenience.

Moreover, silencing the alarm is also hassle-free since you only have to hold the reset button for three seconds to do so. The device likewise takes pride in its solid, durable construction. Its sensing pad is relatively comfortable and one you can easily fold for ease of storage.


  • The alarm resets automatically upon restoring pressure
  • An appropriately sized and incontinent-proof bed pad
  • Velcro case inclusion
  • Affordable
  • A break-resistant device with a sturdy connecting pin


  • Requiring frequent battery change
  • A slight delay between sensor reading and alarm
  • Overly sensitive monitor


If convenience takes your highest priority in looking for the best bed exit alarms, then this Universal Fall Alarm Monitor is worth considering. The device automatically resets the alarm once the individual gets back to bed.


6. Secure Magnet Alarm Monitor – Best In Versatility

Secure MAG-3 Magnet Pull String Chair Alarm Monitor for Elderly Fall and Wandering Prevention - Caregiver Alert Elderly Fall Risk Patient Safety Aid - Batteries Included Another crowd favorite, especially for older adults requiring minimal care and supervision, is the Secure Magnet Alarm Monitor.

This handy device utilizes a pull-cord system that offers ease of use and minimizes false alarms.

In addition, the alarm system provides maximum versatility, allowing you to use it not only in beds but also in chairs and wheelchairs. Likewise, the Secure Magnet Alarm Monitor gives you the freedom to use the volume in three various levels, either 70, 80, or 90 dB, and even has two alert tones.


  • The pull-string method is easy to use
  • Best for older adults requiring minimal supervision
  • Reduced false alarms
  • The secure magnetic clip, hidden to the user
  • Suitable for various placements, whether on the bed or wheelchair
  • Break-resistant, tamper-free design


  • Not suitable for those using a pacemaker or a cardioverter-defibrillator implant
  • Some battery life issues
  • Hard to locate the switch
  • Difficulty in resetting the alarm


This economical device is best suited for fall and injury reduction. It's also comfortable enough to use for those who wish to eliminate false alarms. However, since the device utilizes a magnet, it may not be ideal for those with pacemakers or cardioverter-defibrillator implants.


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Different Types Of Bed Alarms

A bed alarm is a handy electronic device that a home care provider or caregiver uses to remotely track older adults' activities. It will alert them if an elderly is attempting to get out of the bed and prevent falls or keep them from wandering unsupervised in the middle of the night.

Such devices come in different types like the following:

Pressure Sensor Alarms

One type of bed alarm is detecting movement through a pressure-sensing pad. These are thin pads with cushioning and a sensor that you can place under the sheets. When a part of the body stops pressing on the sensor, the device will then trigger the alarm.

Motion Sensor Alarms

motion sensor alarm attached at the corner of the room

These alarms utilize an Infrared System (IR), and caregivers typically install them at an elderly's bedside or walls near the bed. Such an alarm uses an infrared beam to track the elderly adult's movement. Once the light detects motion, like a person walking through, it will trigger the alarm.

Mechanical Or String Alarms

Pull-string units are also another type of bed alarm that you can attach to a person's clothes. This attachment comes with a clip that detaches from the unit once the older adult attempts to leave the bed, thus activating the alarm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using bed alarms?

Choosing the best bed exit alarms is crucial. It is an effective safety intervention to reduce the risk of falls and injuries among your loved ones. Such a device can give you peace of mind that someone you look after to is far from imminent danger.

Older adults requiring special care would sometimes attempt to move around and transfer from one place to another without assistance. Some of them would even stand up in their sleep, and more often than not, such attempts would result in accidents.

Therefore, these alarm systems serve as a reminder for the elderly, especially those with dementia. The sound of the alarm lets them know that they would need to utilize their call buttons to seek the help of their caregivers.

Simultaneously, the alarm would likewise alert a caregiver if an older adult needs assistance in getting out of bed safely. It can also prevent accidents for those who tend to wander at night while sleeping while giving caregivers the flexibility to do other activities.

Is there a disadvantage in using a bed exit alarm?

As with other assistive devices, using a bed alarm would also have notable disadvantages. Some alarm systems tend to make so much noise that it could disturb other people or even scare the elderly.

While it aims to help you prevent accidents, a bed alarm does not physically prevent falls. It can only alert you of movements so that you would come to the aid of an older adult.

But there are times that such devices could also give caregivers a false sense of security. Since bed alarms do not physically prevent falls, it is only safe to use them with precaution. No matter how high-performing a device is, we should not entirely rely on it to look after the elderly.

Can a bed alarm startle a person living with dementia?

For such cases, most would recommend choosing the best bed alarm for dementia patients since certain noise levels can cause them to become disoriented. It would mean opting for an alarm that will not startle the patient but effectively notifies the caregiver of their movement.

The good news is, you can manage the noise positively as we now have several bed alarms available that are less disruptive. These devices are suitable for people who tend to get agitated quickly with the sound of an alarm, typical for those who have dementia.

You or someone you know might be providing home care for a dementia patient. If that's the case, here's a short video you can watch on how you can handle agitation more effectively:

Final Thoughts

Caregivers seeking to care for older adults conveniently, especially those with special needs, would understandably need the best bed alarm for elderly individuals.

Thus, in conclusion, I present Smart Caregiver Cordless Bed Exit Alarm as my best overall for being a practical solution due to its remarkable performance. Relatively, the DUAL Recordable Voice Monitor provides the best value for those seeking excellent quality at an affordable price.

The other products in this review are also high-performing medical devices. Hence, I hope our list will serve as a helpful guide in choosing whatever works best in taking care of your loved ones' needs.

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